Rainsong WS100

Rainsong front

This is the Rainsong WS100, a carbon fiber acoustic guitar. The label says John Decker, Woodinville, WA. The first thing I noticed is how cool this guitar looks. It has this awesome carbon fiber layering or pattern to the top which makes it look all industrial , but then there is this beautiful abalone rosette giving it a more balanced organic feel. There are also neat little shark inlays on the neck.

The Rainsong has good projection and tends towards the upper midrange. The bass response is very firm and clear, a nice sound… I like it.    The neck is shallow and slick giving you fast excellent action. Hey, you can even leave it the car or take to backyard jams not worry about it warping.

riansong close frnt 2

The Rainsong has good projection. The bass is very firm and clear. There are also neat little shark inlays on the neck


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